Monday, March 27, 2017

Maniac Monday ... time to rest

Monday morning ... good morning!! It is back-to-school ... Monday jam for many.

There ... my morning breakfast, my usual roti-telur and nescafe ... and preparing for my FKLI. I shorted (but i covered 2 lots for profits last week).

8.50am : covered another short at opening 1641 done. it went to hit 1637. Hold to another short. Short on rebound is the idea today.

I shown this DOW daily chart in my last night e-meeting ... and telling them WHY I m in cash position, waiting for that drop!! MACD down, MA 10-20 bearish crossover. Overbought ... so, short.

This is KLCI weekly chart, see the candle-stick also you wont dare to buy stocks. RSI hitting 70 level now ... further explain I m in cash-position.

So ... wait and relax.

cohort-24 : I hv few requests for the trading workshop ... well, perhaps in next-next week, I will plan for one. Kinda busy ... and lazy. haha. ok ok ... those interested, do contact me (  )

It is end of quarter-1 ... time to reflect on what is next.

Have a nice trading week. For me, I wish to stay aside.


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