Thursday, March 30, 2017

e-meeting : Bullish but 90% in cash-position

Bullish but 90% in cash-position

Thu, Mar 30, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM 
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I m going to give a simple talk about TIME-FRAME and how important it is in investing/trading. So, a person could be BULLISH but 90% in cash-position ... or BEARISH but 90% in equities, with only 10% in cash!!

Oh, the tradition of college.  So many say it’s a must, that going to college guarantees a better job.  Maybe you’ve heard you won’t be able to succeed at what you do without a degree.  As times are changing, these overpriced establishments are becoming less and less valuable. 

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2. YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will see it some day. Heck you may have already seen it if you’ve been through college. You are being put thousands into debt to learn things you will never even use. Wasting 4 years of your life to be stuck at a paycheck that grows slower than the rate of inflation. Paying $200 for a $6 textbook. Being taught by teacher’s who have never done what they’re teaching. Average income has increased 5x over the last 40 years while cost of college has increased 18x. You’re spending thousands of dollars to learn information you won’t ever even use just to get a piece of paper. I once even had an engineer tell me “I learned more in my first 30 days working than in my 5 years of college.” What does that tell you about this system?

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I totally agreed with this LARGEST SCAM we are ALL into.

By the way, I have been in education for past 25 years, I should know how 'stupid' majority around, ok?

We have trainers, teaching trading but who is NOT a trader themselves. And MANY PAID RM3k-RM6k for these courses!!

If these so-called educated people got brain ... they should know they could learn ANYTHING from internet, right? BUT ... due to their laziness, greediness (those advertisement showing how they so-called profit 20% months. haha...), they believe into attending those courses to EARN MONEY FROM MARKETS? What? haha

Biz-lecturers who ARE NOT biz-men themselves ... how is that? Teachin THEORIES? and we paid THOUSANDS of tuition fees to PASS EXAMS? How stupid human could be?

Go to share-market ... you will get to know more about SCAMS ad stupidity of human kind. haha.

3. Colleges are REQUIRING people to spend money taking gen. ed. courses to learn about the quadratic formula (and other shit they will never use) when they could be giving classes on MARRIAGE and HOW TO DO YOUR TAXES.”

yes ... why they never teach FINANCIAL at school-levels? Let me tell you WHY ... bluntly (I m in a lecturer in college for past 25 years, remember?) ...

............. most lecturers are FINANCIALLY IDIOT ... and LAZY to earn more money.

They enjoyed the 'diffirential equation' more than their living ... and yes, we do NOT talk about MONEY in college-staff-room. Ever wonder WHY? haha

HOW CAN LECTURERS teaching about financial when they are 'idiots' in those field? And they are TRAPPED inside the who SCAM of EDUCATION system?

Got brain? Yup ... I learnt much about those 'group theories' or more ... unless you are tutors or lecturers, I believe you will NEVER apply them in your lives!!

Remember those 'sifus' talking abou WAVES, FIBO, MA, Stochastics ... haha ... as if they are using them. And if they are earning so much from markets (WHY TRADE KLSE stocks, stupid? You are so technically expert, come to trade oil, SOY, FCPO la ... still talking about AirAsia for what ar?) from their indicators ... they won't have the time to talk about it openly, right?

HOW TO EARN LOTS OF MONEY FROM STOCK MARKET or what-have you titled of books ... and you REALLY believe the authors are expert in whatever they are writing? Haha ... hey, I knew many authors (many are my friends now, ok?).

In almost any education field ... i think we need a HUGE REVAMP. Teach practical REAL stuff ... skills and applications of them.

But ... I wont be here long enough to see the revolution of education system , the collapse of colleges/universities ...

ok, enough of my rant.

Tonight e-meeting ... talk about Equities/Cash ratio ...


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