Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A fairytale of penny stock

IFCA : One day ... after all the crash ... I will like to compile a good story-line ... tracking how they push it up with stories after stories ... then, dumped.

I was reading the interesting story this morning during breakfast at kopitiam ...

This is a good story ... to be told. to gullible retailers who always like hot-stocks, goreng-up without logic on FA or TA. IFCA stories will be forgotten ... suppressed as many retailers will stuck up there or cut-loss to lick the painful experiences. Some will quit ... some will learn the lesson and become stronger .... but the compulsive gamblers will be tempted to punt again .... gogogo .... and trashed, yet again.

And the cycle repeats ... interesting to know the stages of pump-dump, ya.

Found the stock "Group Lease" when I searched for it ...

HwaTai : I will want to dig out the stories of HwaTai(yes, biscuit-goreng) trading above RM100 during that euphoria time(before Asian Crisis) ... to understand EUPHORIA and CRASH.

Time to go to gym for some sweating ...


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