Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Week : SELL

Morning ... had a good book-sharing sesion yesterday for some 15 of them ... a good audience, indeed. Thanks for coming ... and listening to my sharings.

That is a page regarding steps we could take to overcome our fear of failure ... and many do not even want to face their fears ... some do not even recognise that they are in fear of certain things, and detering them to be sort-of success.

FBM70 ... a chart to watch ... hitting resistance with HIGH RSI ... selling all my stocks by then.

9.25am : KLCI up 8points ... huat-arr ... hehe. So .. time to reduce further and hold 70% cash.

DOW weekly ... bullish.

Time to smell coffee .... and enjoy my Monday morning.

Note : I will be going to KK (Sabah) end of July. Will plan for an half-day workshop (anyone interested ... do contact me) on preparation for crash.

Have a nice ... V-day.


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