Tuesday, February 21, 2017

THINK and GROW ... rich

Morning from Shah Alam ... seksyen 15 here. Having breakfast with wife while talking about being "RICH" ... balance with PEACE and HAPPINESS.

There are many definitions of what it means to be rich.

Being rich is more of a state of mind than a dollar amount. Truthfully, the rich can be poor and the poor can be rich. For example, being rich could be a family of five who lovingly share their small piece of bread in a third-world country. Conversely, another family of five may live in a 12-bedroom home and still have strife over an unlimited first-class feast!

Moreover, being rich is really about having it all. It would be ideal to have a combination of the aforementioned situations: the happy family enjoying a delectable meal in the big house — and it is possible. However, to achieve this kind of wealth, along with financial freedom, personal peace and happiness, you must get committed to it.

You must also be able to enjoy your wealth. Some people put in a hundred hours per week with work but completely neglect their families in the process. Others focus on their family so much that they never really get busy at work because of their obligations. Obviously, achieving a sense of balance will allow you to possess true wealth and also be able to enjoy it.


This is what I m reading just now ... then, shared with my wife the idea of being RICH. RICH is not defined in what car(s) we are driving or our accounts size ... it is about FAMILY ... HUMAN VALUES .. and how we share with OTHERS. It has nothing to do with US ... individual. It is about appreciating and giving back to society, putting smiles to those needing them.

Will write more ... and include the popular Napolean Hill's book.

Time to do some work ...


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