Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stock pick by UOB

Morning ... went to a market-talk by UOB-iVSA with few members yesterday ... and met few 'ex-members'. Asked them to join me during crash. haha. Yes ... no crash, all speakers are BULLISH and Martin was giving a target of 1840 level for 2017.

Here is 5 stock-pick by UOB (given by Lester)

More into election-play talk ... with another 3 technical-pick on FGV, DRBHcom and IWCity.
Will check on their charts and plan for the trades, and discuss during my weely e-meeting with members.
Cohort-24 : There is a request to have my basic charting-workshop ... so, I m planning one for Mac. Will put in the dates when I finalise it.
Really busy with classes, actually. And busy with attending market-talks ... and joining 2 workshops in Mac (one on FCPO and another in Value-Investing).
Market must be very hot ... so many market-talks, workshops, softwares coming out!! Haha.

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