Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lunch-date with a property investor

Reading this one ... thinking of a GATHERING for anyone who is reading this ... and to expose ourselves ... to OVERCOME our FEAR.

With a constant reminder of OVERCOMING fears ... as we are in strong grip of FEAR due to our up-bringing and circumstances.

Book Sharing : Fear and Faith

Sun, Feb 12, 2017 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM  
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

I will share the pointers from the book. See you online 9pm (click the link above)
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Access Code: 632-602-165

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I m not a trainer ... or a motivational speaker. I m not good in doing that but I could say that I have went through hell-n-back ... living in FEAR for my first 40 years!! Today, I m so glad I have managed to BREAK of those chains that ... holding me back.

For us to venture into stocks, properties ... biz ... to quit our tiring-non-lucrative jobs ... to take the BOLD steps ahead and taking charge of our lives, we NEED more that just courage!! We also need to be able to sustain the motivation as we would definitely FAIL.

So ... FEAR of failing have STOPPED most of us. Interesting, right? We never venture much as we want to stay COMFORTABLE. I believe MANY read about the word "comfortable zone" ... as if they are going to do anything about that. Haha ... yes, NOTHING comes ... unless we take those STEPS.

Ok .. take a step to join my gathering, IF I m going to do ... just that. Your fear is stopping you. Your doubt ... your MINDSET stopping you from exploring .... well, no thanks to our parents who said "NO" to this-that since we were younger ... get me?

Step 1 : Be bold to venture and explore.

Step 2 : Move ... take actions and be commited.

Step 3 : Keep track and reflect

Step 4 : Re-evaluate and re-fine

Step 5 : Go back to step 1 ...

and you will see improvements.

I m not talking about trading/investing. I m talking about characters building. Without that, you won't even understand WHY some people could make it ... learn skills and continue to do things more successfully than you do.

Everything looks easy and sweet ... when you check on their successes. Some of losers will envy others while others will admire/respect ... I chose to respect and admire many successful individuals ... and will like to meet them, to dig some "tips" or "secrets" of their success. Of coz I know there is no such things as TIPS or SECRETS many so-called gurus selling ... it is in our MIND. Get it? No ... it is your MIND ... triggering your FEAR inside you. Check them out first before you bother to continue to do whatever you THINK you want to do ...

I met a friend ... and after yesterday, we got to know each other a little better. He is successful in his property investing and ... yeah, a 'millionaire'. I m not a millionaire but we could speak for hours as we shared similar wave-lengths in many aspects of lives .... from struggling out of the 'poor-family' background ... change our mindset ... and learn to earn-save-invest.

You see, after the lunch-date with him ... I recognise that I do have many good financial-mindset. I told him that I was not ... some 10 years ago. I was in extreme-bad-financial-crisis situation ... building from nothing, from small ...and he could recognise my strength!! Yes ... he said I m such a strong person ... in focusing in things I m doing.

After all ... I was not good in Math but my determination to be a good Math teacher when I was in form 4 (after failed my first Add Math test ... did you read about that story?). I was so focus in doing my Math work ... and my Math results was amazing!! haha.

Fear of failing ... he failed many times too ... till he involved in insurance-line while followed property-guru ... and made it!! It was his determination to learn about property-investment that lead him to many ventures .... from house, shoplots ... to even factories?!

It is not charting ... it is not the systems and what-have-you ... it is MINDSET. If one could not even understand that, one is too naive to be in markets. No need to pay thousands to those promoters for their courses or softwares la ... use brain, ya.

Same as property ... the so-called sure WIN ... and we paid thousands to attend talks or workshops. He personally told me that he joined one of the 'guru' too ... only to realise that many of his students 'failed' and only 5% made it ... he is that few 5% due to his mindset ...and overcoming his FEAR.

Most are driven by GREED ... without understand the RISK attached, we could never understand further about investments. Trading-investing is NOT for normal human. It is not ... it takes guts, it takes insanity to go against crowd ... and yes, it takes strength to se the long-time results ... the patience and many of times we are tested. We need to get through those moments ...those difficult and trying times.

If a normal human don't even understand the FEAR part ... the FAITH part would not emerge.

So ... I told him this is what I m doing ... sitting tight and wait for crisis. Cash is king, ya.

And ... he appreciated that I shared with him what I m doing now ... preparing for the crash!! Buying into good-strong dividend counters during crash is the best time to INVEST. And he will be allocating some part of his funds for that. Great.

My fees? Join my trading group .... during crash. After crash, no more fees needed as we won't be trading much ... we are going to sit tight for the recovery!! Easier said than done ... but could be done. I have faith ....

Going back to the gathering ... yes, I will like to gather some readers here (it needs not-so-sane readers to follow my writings . haha) ... and to see how we could benefit from each other. Leveraging on each other knowledge .... and push ourselves OUT of our comfort zone?

Also ... I wish to extend my activities to my readers too. Yes ... I like doing some charity. Will you contribute too?

All under planning ... and I m on my way to retire from many things I am doing and towards my jobs in 'charity'. I do need support ...


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