Thursday, February 23, 2017 in life

Morning ... Thu ... woke up to another NEW high fr DOW. I have sold many ... and seems that pull-back or correction is overdue.

Yesterday was a tiring day ... for my emotion.

In the morning, got a message from a member (and a friend now) that she got me new toilet-trolley and donating to the old-folks I went to recently.

This is what I have wanted to buy (x2) and won't mind paying for them (to be donated to the home). But, she got them for me ... and she is donating instead.

There ... a new one. Now, I just need to collect from her ... treat her a good coffee and thank her. I appreciate such 'touching' help. She said I have inspired her to help others ... and yeah, that is my wish ? Spreading generousity ....

What is life ... chasing the material-items for ourselves and fight-argue-battle with other humans ... to show our ego and suppressing our feelings.

I choose 'generosity' anytime ... so, it is a HABIT I wish to instil in my wife and kids.

I will like to share in tmr night e-meeting (9.30pm?) to talk a little about what I have done and involved in ... as doing charity is my retirement past-time (haha).

Be Generous

Fri, Feb 24, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll-free) +1 (571) 317-3112
Access Code: 706-090-661

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Well ... here is the link. Talk about my retirement DREAM : Involvement in charity org/homes.

Second emotional event ... it was in noon, I was having a class when my wife called and told me that our girl won again ... my little girl, who is born 'special' won her running event again this year. She was the defending champ!! Well .. at age 3-4yrs old ... she could barely walk!! Well ... you have to be the parents of special-kid to understand what we went thru .... in-out of hospital, therapies and courage to face reality.

It is worth every sweat and tears ... and seeing that she can RUN now is amazing!! We all take our limbs for granted, I guess?

Well ... we celebrated by bring her to her fav McD (discourage her for fast-food)

Then ... at night, had a biz-meeting ... yet, another emotional situation to handle (P&C).

What a day ... when you are involve in charity, you will get to know many generous people who could easily touch our hearts.

When we are involved in our kids up-bringing and days, we will be emotionally involved in their growing-up too ...

and when we are involving in biz ... we will have partners to deal with, communicate and engaged in.

IMAGINE life ... in our own SELFISH world ... where we are only concern how much we can EARN and GET THE MONEY from others ... what car(s) we are driving ... and work-work-work for more MONEY to change our handphones, chairs ... or bed?

IMAGINE life ... when everything is about YOU YOU YOU ... more of YOU ... spending time to condemn others, gossips or criticise others ... while you are seen as the BEST in your own selfish world.

IMAGINE ... what is life, anyway?


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