Friday, February 24, 2017

Cycle Analysis (CA)

Morning ... Friday is a busy day for me!! Still tired as I went to a market-talk last night, drove there (PJ Trade Center) ...jammed. It took me 1.5 hours, no thanks to the ran too. Anyway, the talk is ... WORTH the travel. It is by Derick (Timing and You) and I will share few of his pointers ... as I agreed and parallel to many of his views!!

He is into CA : Cycle Analysis ... where he analyses cycles --- bonds, equities, currencies, commodites.

Crash : most probably 2018

DOW : going up high ... target 30, 000 this year. New high again last night ... gogogo?

USD : up up ...

Gold : up up ... can consider GLD which traded in US.

So ... we should go to US-markets as KLSE or SGX would be lagging. LONG DOW or S&P500 . RIde on the strong uptrend up as that could create EUPHORIA (we are at optimism stage) and then, SHORT SHORT SHORT ... let it craassssh.

Profit from the short ... prepare to buy blue-chips at dirt-cheap level.

Easier said than done ... a person needs to be very discipline and patient. Also, needs lots of experiences and guts ... to go thru those stages!! How? I have shared my 4-pointers on preparation for market-crash ... while letting others to predict when the crash will comes. And yes, it WILL.

Then ... buy inverse-etf to short DOW crashing. Then ... come back KLSE to buy blue-chips ... and hold. Then ... after 2022 ... sell for huge profits and retire (as I  only  have this one cycle).

Wealth distribution was from 2007 to 2009. That I do agree with him too.

If we know how to capitalise during crash, we could be in the minority side ... winners.

Those wish to know Derick, go to Timing and You (facebook) and website. I m not working for him but I feel his ideas are parallel to mine ... just that I do not time market-crash.


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