Monday, February 27, 2017

Choice is ours

Monday morning ... raining ... so, i decided to DRIVE. Well ... rushing hour of 7.30am ... so, it is heavy jam as usual (plus it is raining!!)

So ... I wrote in my facebook :

Reflection on : Morning jam ... to work.

I seldom drive but I do not wish to ride bike with raincoat and get myself partially wet on Monday morning ... so I drove.

It took me 45mins to move from USJ1 to SS15 ... a usual 15mins ride.

My thoughts go to

1. Those driving to work and jam in daily basis for 1-2 hours. Many might be late today.
2. Those riding bike to work ... under the rain, cold ... and dangerous.
3. Those taking public transportation ... the hassle of walking with umbrella from stations to working place

It has always been in my mind on the choices we are taking ...

Can we solve it by riding a bike instead of driving?

Can we stay near enough from our working place so that we do not need to commute ..far?

Can we working from home ... or have flexible working hours?

Personally, I have solved all these issues after years of planning.

Yes ... i do ride bike to avoid the jams, staying near enough from my working place ... and quit my full-time teaching job to have flexibility of time n space.


It is a matter of choice ... so, we should STOP saying "No Choice".

Time to move to do work ... by choice (and not by force).


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