Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Are we in 'euphoric' stage?

Morning ... still kinda blur after a looong day, lacking of sleep too. It was tiring to use public transportation even for a short distance of SS15 Subang Jaya to Jaya-Section14.

Someone said 'euphoria' in market now ... and I have to correct him that we are NOT in such state at all. Forums talking about 'TekSeng' or whatever hot stocks doesn't mean 'euphoria'. Using the so-called right term (subject to our definition too) will help to communicate better ... otherwise, it could be mis-leading. As a mentor to him for past 2 yrs, I will surely wish he would experience 'euphoria' himself ... newbies have not see that in KLSE ... or crash in KLSE would not understand the emotion in play.

DOW hit new high yesterday ... but we are still far far from 'euphoria' (will plan an e-meeting to share how euphoria feels like)

Note : I might consider to buy a bottle ... and put it on my trading-desk to remind me of .... EUPHORIA?

Buying Climaxes

One of the clearest signals of the end of a bull market is a buying climax, during which volume escalates to extreme levels and bullish euphoria permeates media coverage of stocks, market indices or commodities. The key trait of a buying climax is the exhaustion of demand as the last buyers enter the market. The final surge of buying typically leads to price spikes, which may last for days, weeks or months. As demand wanes, prices can go into steep declines as sellers attempt to unload positions in the relative absence of buyers.

This is the ACE-index ... showing the hot mini-euphoria back in mid-year 2014 ... when anything penny also go up (haha ... GST in play).

Ok ... will want to write about my coffee-date and also the gathering .... got class now. off.


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