Thursday, January 19, 2017

Time to get myself ... famous?

I m born in year of goat ... according to Joey, those born in that year might becoming known and famous?

So ... i need to create a new-dance ... with a catchy song!! Make it viral ... and yeah, I would be famous?!

Perhaps ... I could create my own youtube channel ... and talk about stock-analysis. That is more 'logical' and doing something I like la ... I had so many e-meetings for past 1-2 weeks ... and I could do those talk/e-meeting in nightly basis.

Tonight I m going to attend a market talk. Tmr night ... coffee-date with two members.

So ... ok, time for me to focus on the positive part.

Join me in my facebook page ...

Perhaps I should create a facebook group ... and 'entertain' members with my facebook-live!! haha.


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