Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Stock Watch : VS

VS ... pending breakout of RM1.48 and hotly being mentioned in media. So ... yesterday up is expected as many might be chasing after the write-up. I would rather check the chart and see if there is a trading opportunity.

Day 1  : Sold Armada 0.645 (bought 0.60 last week) and sold part of AirAsia yesterday.

Oil down after early surge ... as I was kinda oily last week or so ... but taken Coastal out and managed to sell Armada and Eatech too. Still watching O&G counters ...

Today ... watch to see if DOW 119 points up would help KLCI? Watching VS too ..

Going to conduct a FB-live with members now (to join me, e-mail

Have a nice trading day ... week .. month ... and 2017 year ahead.


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