Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stock Alert : IRIS

IRIS : This is such a speculative stock ... a hot-stock for years, and retailers still punt into her. Many newbies will stuck inside ... and it closed at 13cents. Actually, I m interested to know WHY Iris being used to goreng-goreng (another in mind is KNM).

IRIS : The 3-yr chart showing high at 60cents ...

So ... I went to check on its hostorical chart ... it was at RM1.30 level before 1998 crash it back to base ,.. which was 13cents. Yes ... we are trading at this 13-cent level again ...

I disagree that we should take the trades into Iris ... these speculative win-fast-lose-faster counter should not be bothered.

Recently, I read the headline regarding MACC ... so, something bad is brewing inside? I do not have interest to read the details as I hv no intention to even check on her.

Note : This is written to someone who asked me IRIS is cheap and can buy? Also to those many who are still STUCK up there. DO NOT hope.


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