Monday, January 30, 2017

My mentor : Mr Koon Yew Yin

I do have many experienced investors whom I respected very highly ... many are elder than me (in term of age too) and been in the thick of market activities.

I have intention to meet many more ... and these individuals are greatest gems to us (newbies and novices). We read about them ... but most of us do not have the chance to know them in person.

Some of them are popular and some of them do not go online (or even have a facebook account!!)

Mr Koon Yew Yin is one of my highly respected 'mentor' and I do still read his blog occasionally as he writes from his experience point of views and I appreciated learning from his vast experiences and pointers. I have the privilege to meet Mr Koon at his home once some years back and still hold high respect to him ... hoping to meet him again during market-crash. I guess Mr Koon do not need much introduction as he is a popular figure in i3-forum.

Well, I do not know why Mr Koon is active to 'argue' with many in i3-forum as he does not need to.

Yes ... Mr Koon is one of my mentor, indirectly as I learnt many good pointers from his writings.

This is one gem of article he wrote. Read the above article again on how to be super-investor.

What works for him may not work for us ... but we must always trust that those have more experiences than us would be able to 'help' us in our learning curve.

Thanks again to Mr Koon ... I always appreciate your sharings and your wise words. Happy Chinese New Year and may health be with you, always.

Next : Uncle Ben ... another mentor of mine.


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