Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My mentor : Milan Doshi

Today ... markets re-open ... KLCI down 10points, DOW minus 120 points. Having a nice drink ... and relax for a while.

Yes .. someone asked me who my mentor(s) are ...  many of them, in my mind.

I read many books .... so, I shall say that I started from there. I read Milan Doshi's book wway before I came to KLSE ... and thru that book( read 2006), I learnt that stock-market is the best instrument for me as it requires 'small' capital. Well ... glad that I m in touch with Milan (thru facebook) and met him in person (coffee-date) in 2015.

So ... is Milan my mentor? Indirectly, yes ... as I read his book and learnt about RISK vs INSTRUMENTS. Then ... I chose stock-markets!!

I bought the blue-cover book in 2006 ... one of the first financial books I bought and read. In 2006, I was broke ... property is out of reach. But ... I was playing with the idea of going into KLSE ... well, eventually I managed to get some small capital to start in end-2007.

Yup ... after years ... I bought his black-cover book, the newer one. It is about property/real estate. Milan is a prominent speaker too ... and I m glad I m 'connected' to him.

This is what I did ... in 2005 (did you attend my e-meeting about FINANCIAL MINDSET?). One of the things I promised myself in 2005 ... when I was struggling is to READ and LEARN about financial. So ... I bought Milan's book in 2006 (after R.Kiyosaki's RDPD and Adam Khoo's) ... as part of my financial-mindset change!! I was diligent ... and with strong determination to CHANGE MYSELF ... my mindset.

LAW of ATTRACTION ... be with those RICH and EXPERIENCED ones ... they could be your mentors ... learn from them. Be with them. And continue to learn ...

In 2006 ... slowly I was leaving my 'colleagues' and waste no time on trivial things and issues. I learnt to see ... WHO  I should emulate and learn from. Slowly ... gradually ... I could see the way I see the FINANCIAL WORLD ... so differently.

That explains WHY the rich becoming richer and the poor being left behind (IT IS ALL IN THE MIND, today ... I could tell you that).

One of the point I have learnt is also ... to get a MENTOR.

So ... I do not have a single mentor but many of them. Books ... the way I started it all. Blogs too .... but in 2006-2008, there are not many financial-bloggers. I read books ... and I have listed many times books I read back then ... to the latest of the books I m reading.

Wanted to write about Uncle Ben, but that would be very lengthy ... as that is another highly respected individual I m privileged to know ... next?


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