Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday blah-blah

11.15 am : Mid-Jan ... time to re-check on my trades and won't mind sharing here my "scores". I do not like keep scores ... and not been keeping my so-called track records. But this year would be a challenging year ... unlike 2009 to 2015 ... where market trending up with strong theme-play.

So ... will check all my end-Jan.

This is KLCI ... daily candles. No need so many indicators ... no need to calculate those waves or drawing those fans. No need ... what is needed is EXECUTION ... actions and common-sense.

Common sense telling me that mark at high level ... SHORT FKLI if you are in future-trading ... heck with CNY-rally. Also .... reduce your positions.

Yesterday night ... someone came to my CUT LOSS session to ask about Dataprp and Reach-wa. So ... you can see the greed and ignorance ... time to sell when greed around, ya.

This week, I will be attending another market-workshop (future-trading).

If those waves and indicators could profit-well, WHY are those so-called technical-guru didnt trade OIL ... or GOLD ... or FCPO? They could profit so-so huge trading DOW, right? Why talk about boring KLSE? That is my views ... it is NOT the methods. I always tell my tratles ... do not expect to learn too much of indicators or complicated system from my trading-workshop. Let's talk about common-sense which is ... obviously, MISSSING.

I am not going to rant on common-sense ... not in mood(no thanks to the draw).

Hmm ... perhaps talk about preparation from crash? nah ... lazy today.

Maybe I should talk about Sumatec (LOL) ... or the under-valued Hibicus (LOL)? Ok ... I m in nasty-mood.

Ok ... no inspiration to write. Wait ... i could check some $$$ articles. brb.

Ok ... sharing an excerpt from a book : Master The Market

During a bear market, or when prices have been falling for some time, most markets will hesitate in their down-moves and go sideways, or even start going up.  Any low volume up-move is an indication of weakness.  You may also at times see what appears to be a test, which is normally a sign of strength.  If the test is genuine and indicating a true turn in a bear market, you will see an immediate response from the professional money.  The price will move up immediately with a slight increase in volume.  However, if the response to this indication of strength (test) is sluggish, or fails to respond over several days, going sideways or even falling off slightly, this now shows further weakness to come.  The test is discounted.  The logical conclusion of ‘lack of demand’ after a test is that the professional money is not interested in the up-side of the market at that particular moment – they are still bearish!

So ... what I do is to share some articles and/or excerpts with the group and let the discussion to be carried on. Many newbies many not understand many terms or situations, so I will explain by giving examples. Yes ... for educational purposes. Those attended my trading-workshop or stock-watch group would have learnt many pointers(if they want to learn la).

Tonight would be our weekly e-meeting ... 3rd for 2017. I will say again ... reduce positions.

Lazy to write ... going to take a nap, trying to get over the hang-over (haha) of the draw.


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