Thursday, January 12, 2017

Friday night's talk

It is a tiring day .. but trades went well.

AirAsia : Frustrated as I cut-loss her once it went below RM2.20 and today hit back to resistance RM2.50 (it is a sell ... so, I m SHORTING it here).

BJCorp : Sold at cost 34cents and it moved these two days to hit 36.5 ... too bad.

Inari-wb : Sold some today at RM1.92 ... and wait to sell all by tmr.

VS-wa : Sold 29.5 cents, bought 27cents a week ago. It closed at 30cents but mommy not breakout yet. Wait.

AS KLCI's RSI at high level ... trimming is the idea. TRIM ... sell-sell-sell ... chicken is coming our way!!

Tmr I m going to share part I on WHY am I going into B(business) and I(investment) quadrant after 20plus years in E(employee) and S(self-employed).

As I m too tired to write bout what I am going to talk about tmr night 9pm ... come and join me. haha. <---- here.="" is="" link="" p="" the="">
Another long day tmr ... so, need to rest tonight.

See u tmr night.




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