Thursday, January 05, 2017

Book Sharing : Turtle

Morning ... to see Chelsea lost, they drew with low-rank team to start the new-year.

Last night ... I enjoyed myself sharing 2 pages of this 280page book. haha. It is up TREND following ... and easier than said kinda point. But ... it is do-able.

I do not recommend newbies to buy this book as it is for those experienced one to understand and comprehend.

For example, they were talking about system 1 : 20day range in consolidation and using 2-ATR to determine the cut-loss. We need to understand TREND ... then check sideway channel ... we need to know the TIME FRAME being used and price-volume actions too. Well ... read about ATR, then we need to know how to place our stop-loss ... in the event that the TREND changes ... trading on breakout into new high.

That is only the two-page info needed ... and then, we need to back-test in our system to see how well it could works on our favour. From there ... we create our own risk-management.

Book-Sharing : Way of the turtle

Thu, Jan 5, 2017 9:30 PM - 11:00 PM 
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Someone told me he missed my book-sharing ... so, here I m posting the link "earlier". I m doing things spontenously ... so, if I have the mood and the idea to share, I will do it more naturally. PLANNING it means ... like a 'chore'. Like it OR NOT ... ready or not, we HAVE TO do it.

Those are for marketing ... to sell softwares and some promotions.

So ... will share about that tonight.

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