Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 12 stocks pick

Stocks Picks (2017) by The Edge

#1 : Tenaga
#2 : Gadang
#3 : Kerjaya
#4 : SOP
#5 : TSH
#6 : MKH
#7 : SamChem
#8 : HLInd
#9 : Kawan
#10 : EATech
#11 : EG #12 : KimLun

I had an e-meeting to talk about these counters yesterday ... about 30 plus attended and I mentioned to buy Eatech today. Do as planned.

Thanks to those who attended.

Do join me in my trading-group in 2017 as we shall see very volatile (must buy to SELL). Besides wekly e-meeting, i will have FB 'live' to share 'live' pointers. Yes, to educate the many retailers out there is near impossible as majority 80% of them will continue to STUCK up there and HOPING their stocks to recover ... continue read forums/tips to buy but failed to sell.

So ... reaching out to more retailers will be one of my 2017 goal ... no one helping many out there, actually. I was there ... being newbies and went thru the crash of 2008, so how I wished I could have someone to guide me or help me back then.

Time to reflect on 2016 ... do prepare for crash, ya.



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