Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday blah-blah

Sunday morning ... sending my son for his badminton game while having a coffee. Arsenal top the top as they won their game and Chelsea should win their game tonight to take over. Liverpool lost a game they should have won last week .. hope they would bounce back ... strongly tonight. They will stay at #3 as ManCity lost last night. So ... with Spurs playing MU, a draw would be a good result.

Iflix : I m subscribing to iflix to 'force' myself to watch movies ... hope I could continue to watch at least a movie a week. Weekend Sat is the best date with myself or watch with my kids.

Harith : He made Malaysia proud ... won the world competition. Now it would be more expensive to get him to perform in events!! Congrats to Harith ... great Malaysian.

Vlog : Video-blogging is in my mind ... with Facebook 'live' is a trend ... and I could have e-meeting to make clips (on trading plan) for my trading group, I could do a short clip for my blog too! So, I will consider that ... in plan too.

2017 ... any new resolution? Stay healthy? Trade better? Do more charity? Have more coffee-date?

Coffee-date : I have lost count ... as some I did not jot-down my conversation. But it is arouond 20plus la, I think. Yes ... 2017 will see me determine to see 2-3 person in a month.

Books : I will use 2017 to start reading my investment books as I have many. Yes, reading more into Fundamental Analysis ... as during crash, we need to understand if the companies could 'survive'. Example ... the O&G sector has crashed ... WHICH O&G company would you invest at the moment? Buy in stages and wait for recovery?

Here .. listen to the clip above. One should spend more time productively by checking into there clips. It could remind us ... and learn some pointers from there.

Market talk : I will be attending more in 2017 as I will want to see the crowd, the sentiment and the analysis done by our local IBs.

Why do we read blogs? If the blog could bring values to us ... yes. But, it depends OUR own personal values and preferences. Some just want things free ... and speculate on stocks (not for learning or sharing).

Have a nice Sunday ... Monday off day too.


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