Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stock Watch : SKpetrol

Morning ... I have an e-meeting regarding O&G last night. Lazy to write ... haha.

DOW reaching the magical 20,000 level soon. But we are still far from 2,000 level. Many anticipating window-dressing ... but how high could we go, right?

FB live : I have done an O&G clip this morning ... and will put this feature in my trading group to update them ... on news and trading idea. Yes, I have traded 'live' and for all to see.

SKPetrol ... the leader, check if breakout RM1.70 then buy into O&G counters. Those stuck in many O&G counters, see rebound in whole sector to sell.

Will like to write on my resolutions for 2017 ... and my failures/challenges in 2016.

Time to move


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