Friday, December 02, 2016

Stock Watch : Presbhd

Presbhd : Do you remember it gapped up to hit RM2.50 level due to a piece of good news ... only to see the SELLDOWN till hitting RM2 level at the moment? Did you chase to buy?

Lesson : Once a good news is out and if the stock gap-up with huge volume ... do not chase/buy. That is the rule of trading ... and if you are holding to the stock, you may want to take profit. If you position is heavy, sell off half and check tmr ... to see if there is a follow-through.

Today I m seeing if I m going to buy into Presbhd since the 'good news' still hanging there. Hmm

Will watch next week to take the trade. Trade at own risk.

Note : I will be going to Ipoh and staying a night there tmr. Anyone from Ipoh wish to meet for coffee? Contact me ...


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