Friday, December 23, 2016

Stock Watch : AirAsia and Padini

AirAsia : Broken RM2.50 as I alerted. Now, we are seeing RM2.30 and ... for trading purposes, we shall see RM2.10 support. By the way, I shorted AirAsia at RM3, remember? It is a no-brainer to SELL AirAsia above RM3 ... and if I am allowed to SHORT (SELL without stocks in hand, buyback lower to take profit) ... it would be AirAsia. So, now is RM2.30 level ... short RM2.50.

Will AirAsia going lower to RM2.10? We shall see ...

Padini : This is a weekly chart to show breakout of RM1.80 and the strong uptrend ... went to RM3level ... once it broken RM2.80 (20MA) ... the trend has changed. EXIT or SELL is the decision now. As the downtrend is at initial stage, we would see some rebounds and going lower ...


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