Sunday, December 18, 2016

Starting a biz : Home-schooling

Morning ... it is Sunday morning, reflecting on biz-ventures I m involved and now moving on with a new venture ... HOME-SCHOOLING.

I am taking 'just do it' mentality ... once step-in, now only I will start to plan on what is needed and next routes ... many of us paralysed by over-planning and that would give us the fear to even start!!

I have failed ... many of times, of coz. If one is not into biz or even taking risk of moving forward, one would not be able to understand the needs of being FAILED. Of coz along the way, we have challenges and also many issues to settle. Tough times don't last ... we have to be tough enough to last.

Talked to many biz-men ... they have that 'move on' mentality despite in difficult positions or situations. That is the toughness needed in a person. Not those complaining ... not those fence-sitters who will only judge what others are doing but ... they themselves never really have the guts to venture further.

In fact ... it is our mindset ... setting us from the majority that makes us 'different'. No one get to be successful by being 'normal' majority ... we need to set our own sail as we are the captain of our own ship, tracing our own journey.

READ .... read all you want. Begin with reading about MINDSET ... ATITUDES ... CHARACTERS of successful people. LISTEN to those done it and we could know how difficult it could be to take the first step ... into doing biz or investing in stock-markets/properties.

What is home-schooling that I m venturing into next year?

It is to cater for those attending COLLEGES and INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS, doing IGCSE (year 10 and 11) and A-level ... and we are offering the alternative to the conventional classroom learning ... we are giving space to the students and flexibility of time for the students to learn in small groups, with the BEST lecturers around.

Imagine you paid the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for a year ... and your kids will be given few lecturers to teach your kids the subjects. Some lecturers might be good ... but it is kinda of norm to get few in-experienced lecturers handling a few subjects!! I m in private education line for 25 years now ... I have known many lecturers ... and how systems work, by the way.

It is in my mind ... since I have the best lecturer(a group of us for all subjects) with me giving tuition, can we also offer home-schooling for students who want to have a batch of BEST LECTURERS around? Academic qualities assured ... it is the lacking of so-called facilities that we compensated with good small-group coaching!!

We are registered under MOE ... we are legal, so I was thinking of the next step : Marketing. I need to create a website for my home-schooling and abandon (bye bye after 4 yrs) in 2017.

contact me : 012 821 0129 for further information on the course we are offering.

What you are reading above is a real story of a Math lecturer who been teaching in colleges for past 20plus years, giving tuition ... and took a bold step some 3yrs ago to open a tuition-center ... opened a second one and venturing into home-schooling. Starting from ZERO capital, zero knowledge in anything is always difficult and challenging, ya.

Stop staying in the forums, commenting negatively on what others doing. It is 2017 ... for your own sake, start doing something good for yourself ... for your surrounding and people you love. Start living ... and get the positive vibes surround you. Help me to promote to your friends ... whoever need to know more about home-schooling ... reaching out to those sending their kids to colleges as we are cheaper too!!

Stop criticising others without giving concrete solutions or feedback ... instead, help others with good advices, positively encourage others.

The world needs us ... to encourage each other, inspire others ...

I hope to write more of my stories ... if you have missed my keropok-stories or how I was crushed by 2008 market-crash ... to inspire those few STRONG ones.

Stay strong ... stay hungry. Yes ... stay focus.

Nothing is achieve by talk-talk-talk ... and never surround yourself with negative human. Till we get the shit out of the toilet ... it will still be smelly.

Alright ... I have simply write few words to promote my new venture for 2017 ... and hope to inspire few who look for positive posts to move their butts. GET MOVING la ... haha

Hope to hear from some ...

Have a nice Sunday.


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