Saturday, December 17, 2016

Reflection time

It is Saturday 6.50 pm now ... going for dinner soon. A reader of mine told me that there are few making fun on my post (in i3-forum) and some are nasty. Yes ... I will maintain here, not going to lower myself to their level. It is also important to stay focus in what we are believing in and doing.

Well ... I m meeting him next week for coffee-date! Gladly so ... as I do have many readers who do enjoy my posts and see me as sincere person. Indeed, it is difficult to find honest people these days ... especially if one is in stock-markets, politics or biz.

So ... I will move on ... into 2017 in focus.

Many of things in lives ... there are ups and downs. Same as stock-markets ... we are in the down period ... and only those resilient/strong individuals will survive. In my mind, the struggling time and those crisis-time are the best time to show how strong we could persist ... and trive.

e-meeting : I will continue to have 'free' public e-meeting besides our weekly e-meeting.

stock-watch : As 2016 is not performing well (as I m taking a back-seat and being more defensive -- trade less) ... I will want to see 2017 as greater opportunities as market becoming volatile and pre-crash situation in place. Join me to go thru the volatilities ...

cohort-22 : I will be planning for a trading-workshop next month (before CNY). Hope to get few responses. It is interesting time ... great.

Ok ... dinner time ... and further consolidation needed.



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