Monday, December 26, 2016

Putting in resolutions

Movies : In 2017, yet again ... my resolution is to watch movie. I have not be able to sit still and watch movies. I still prefer to read stock-market books, articles or about biz. Ok ... so, I will hope I could be consistent to watch at least one movie per month.

Rogue One : Watched that during Christmas Eve @ Velocity Mall. Well ... still didn't get me excited and I feel it is over-hyped .... or perhaps, my expectation is higher.

Iflix : So ... I have subsribed to iflix (might consider netflix) ... and managed to watch 5 movies so far ... and now into series of HOUSE. Yes, my fav TV-series back in 2005 ... some 10years ago, where I would only watch ONE show on TV --- Dr House.

Yes ... putting in my resolutions (yet again ... every end of year, right?)

1. Exercise
2. Sleep well
3. Watch movie
4. Eat fruits
5. Hygiene

These are more on personal level ... while mind is thinking of biz-ventures (and failures) and also my blog(s). Well, I will put in one-or-two new features in my trading group. One would be 'live' FB post during trading and also short clips on trading ideas. Well, will also record all trades and shown to all trades done (compilation) as I hv done all trades 'live' but too many messages or not in well-organised report.

Will write about my resolutions more as I m reading my new biz-book on How Biz Works.

Till then ...


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