Monday, December 05, 2016

Melewar and Mycron

Liverpool lost the game they were leading 3 - 1 ... to last minute goal. Lost 3 - 4 instead. It is like paper-gain ... but then, cut huge losses instead. Yeah ... the pain would take some time to recover ... by making a few good trades to cover it.

Just came back from Ipoh-Penang weekend trip ... only 3 'old' members came to see me on Sunday (so, luckily I missed the Liverpool's game?) but I m glad to see old faces ... and still we talked about familiar issues such as mental-check and habits. haha.

Ajiya : Missed her today ... came back to see it rebounded 13% up ... hmm

This morning while having breakfast at hotel (Iconic) I saw Pesona and Eatech moving ... only managed to tell the group about it but I didnt take as I m on the move ... and it was too fast too. Closed good to hold.

Melewar : The dump is going on ... I spoke about pump-dump last week. Next level to check at 28-32 cents ... and please do not say it is under-valued. It is oversold, yes. Interesting to know that many newbies or retailers still stuck inside such stocks. If you are new in seeing such surge(pump) and then dump ... learn this lesson and never try your luck on them. Learn ... and move on.

Mycron in selling mode ... still. Check if 80cents level broken and next to check would be support at 56cents. Technically, bearish without bottom yet.

Time for weekly e-meeting with members, got to get ready as I didnt watch market today as I was driving home from Penang.


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