Thursday, December 15, 2016

Melaka trip today

Morning to new HIGH of DOW ... closed above 19900 now

Steel in play again ... Mycron above 90cents now ... Penta hotly talked, rebounded. Many started to be back in markets ... after the recent short selldown.

I have a talk about O&G and how we should cut-loss those stuck up there ... as many retailers STILL holding to many O&G counters such as KNM, Alam, Armada and such.

5.45 pm : Very busy today ... running around. Went to car workshop do change my headlights ... then, bring family for lunch ... seen an officer from AUG and then rush to fetch a relative from KK. Now at Ikea ... finally able to sit for a while ... before dinner.

8.05 am ... morning ... unfinished post yesterday as I was on the move. Going to Melaka later and to stay a night or two. Anyone wish to meet tonight? Contact me : 

DOW down 118 points after whole week of new high. FED meeting ... hike a bit of rate. See how markets reacting later.

Liverpool won .... so do other teams. So ... staying put.

Ok ... I m on the move again .. have nice trading day.


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