Friday, December 23, 2016

KSL at RM1 ... penny soon

KSL : Going back to back ... below RM1 soon. In 2014, our trading group was very much into property-sector rally ... KSL and KSL-wa were one of the fav ... besides HuaYang (and many more).

KSL and all the property-stocks no longer in my radar since the trend over ... in 2015, we were into export-oriented stocks ... which by end Dec 2015, I told all the trend is over. Once trend over, get out ... say bye-bye.

Mr MCL : So ... I would not suggest to average down KSL. But, do consult others ... or you may join my trading group, where I do share my trades 'live'. Yes, we really traded KSL all the way up ... but exited by end 2014.

Time to move ... for X'mas shopping.


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