Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday 2nd Dec ...

Good morning .... DOW closed 19191.93 and crude-oil price above USD50.

KLCI up a little ... good.

Penang Trip : I m seeing some of my members (becoming friends now) this Sunday night. If you want to join us, let me know.

SAM : Broken support RM5.65 ... long black with gap down. These happened nowadays ... so, be aware and don't get caught UP THERE. At RM5.45 now ... watching the waterfall.

coffee-dates : I will have two dates today ... one in afternoon and another at night. Too much of coffee later? One is with a member of mine ... another with an 'independent' trader. There is always good pointers I could gather from there ... one great investor and experienced biz-man I will want to meet again is MR Koon Yew Yin. He is very popular in i3-forum and we could learn many good pointers from him. Yeah ... will try to make a trip to meet him and hope he will meet me.

Time to go jalan-jalan ... it is Friday.


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