Thursday, December 08, 2016

Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives

I am going into my 50 now ... when I was at 38, I got married. I was broke. Then ... I started to change ... my mindset.

Continuosly I started to LIVE .... something I have not really done for 38 years ... so, the past 12 years was full ... full with pain, obstacles ... taking risk I never thought I would ... never dare to dream as I have self-doubt.

So ... by stepping out of our comfort zone, we will struggle ... in fear ... and really find difficulties to find the courage for next step ... I believe many have went through that ... I have a long journey for the past 12 years.

So ... I could linked myself to the above clip ...

I m going into venture further after the tuition center ... converting a center into HOME SCHOOLING for IGCSE and A-level (Cambridge) ... and that would be my 2017 venture!! Amazing how I took the courage ... and thanks to my partners, we decided to move a notch higher, taking higher risk!!

I will start to promote my home-schooling once everything finalise after this Friday meeting.

Yes ... I need to promote my 'stock-watch' group too .... as it is going to be new 2017 group. I started my trading group in 2012 ... now we are in final leg of rally before the potential crash is here.

Time to re-look into many things I am doing ... and see how I could do better in 2017.

LIVE YOUR LIFE ... move on.


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