Thursday, December 08, 2016

Double A : Ambank and Axiata

AmBank : Bought at RM4, cut-loss half when it dived below RM4 , small-loss ... then from the new low, it rebounded sharply and hit my RM4.10 level and sold off too early ... moving the funds to Axiata ... TODAY ... I do wish I do not sell off AMBANK!! arrghhh ... one member told me he still hold to his RM3.99 ... phew, at least got someone benefited well from it. haha. I believe there are still few of them holding at RM4 ... so, I asked them to SELL la.

Axiata : Collecting all the way down ... and heavy inside. I missed it at RM4.10 (I was queueing there) as it hit Rm4.11 ... and I have to top-up at RM4.20 instead. Yesterday sold half as it hit 20MA resistance ... tmr will sell all and say : Thank you for being at 5year low.

Look ... Axiata went to lowest point ... do you think you will dare to BUY or average it down? Do you know why during crash NOT many retailers will buy? Most of them will STUCK before crash and wont buy during crash. I have mentioned that many times ... and it is a certainty. 80% of those in market!!

So ... buy blue-chips during selldown and wait for recovery ... sell.

Easier said than done.


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