Friday, November 18, 2016

Updates on 3A : AirAsia, Axiata, AmBank

AirAsia : Done the stunt again ... rebounded sharply to hit above resistance RM2.70. I did queue to buy yesterday at RM2.48-RM2.50 for a technical rebound but missed by a bit and not buying during closing price of RM2.53 ... it is a black candle, technically bearish. Well ... today, it rebounded sharply and I missed.

Axiata : That sharp rebound to RM4.81 ... wow. but, the selling continues till today. Back to RM4.50 level ... still supporting.

AmBank : Rebounded above RM4 yesterday ... and to close RM4.11, gapped up in last minute buying. Still holding my position as I bought around RM4 average.

I missed AirAsia ... sold Axiata yesterday for small profits and holding AmBank to sell around RM4.17.

It is so volatile these days. Will update next week ... and see after BERSIH effect.


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