Sunday, November 13, 2016

The 52-week low

Screening for 52-week low :

Just got this book from library ... and would be part of my preparing for the crash. During crash, most of stocks would be seeing 52-week low. Which one to pick as low could go lower ... or even being de-listed? Perisai would be a good example at the moment.

Armada : Break support 65 cents ... going into new low. AVOID.

AMBank : Breaking support RM4 now, closed at RM3.95. ANZ selling their stakes ... their cost was around RM3.63 (or lower?). Who would be the potential buyers? Interesting to follow ...

Malakoff : Still diving ... 52-week low but not historical low. Watch RM1.20, buy around RM1?

Scomi : Long time no see her ... really long time. For years, i think. Didnt follow their MRT projects in India etc etc ... oil prices slumped .... so the stock price reaching new low.

Will you buy into stocks which are at 52-week low? I will ...


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