Sunday, November 06, 2016

Stock Watch : DRBHcom

When DRB broken the support of RM1.35, I have alerted the trading group but if one failed to cut-loss or take profit, we will be stuck. To justify our holding-on (I was told someone in i3 promoting DRB?), it doesn't make sense... especially I have alerted that KLCI is to come lower, ahead of US election.

Anyway, I will want to talk about CUT-LOSS again ... soon ... after DRB and gang to dive further ... say, another 10-20% lower.

Then ... we will talk about how important CUT LOSS is.

I do not agree that DRB is under-valued, speculating of the sales of Proton is playing on the rumours. Well, it has been ages ... the SELL PROTON news. Why do they bailed out Proton in the first place? Ok ok ... we all knew 'why'.


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