Friday, November 18, 2016

Stock Watch : Axiata

Good morning Friday ... DOW staying above 18900 level. Will KLCI rebounds today?

I am adding this book into my list of books ... preparing to buy during sharp market correction (defined as KLCI minus 500 points from here)

It placed FIVE criteria to check before we should buy into those 52-week low stocks as low could go lower. Will share those filters once I m done with my reading and homework and during market crash. I do not see that any time near ... as DOW at new high.

Axiata : At 3 year low ... so, is Axiata a BUY now? Don't talk AFTER it has rebounded, will ya? There are too many of those claiming these-that but never want to tell us truth. Come ... let's discuss ... can I buy hugely into Axiata as she is in NEW LOW? Why not? Discuss concretely ...

Will check if it will break the low ... going lower.


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