Sunday, November 13, 2016

RHB : election stocks

Good morning ... been few days of up-down crazy swings in market. Settling the dust ...

I attended RHB's market outlook for 2017 talk yesterday ... and I will place few things I heard or learnt from. Many of the things said is kinda agreeable and I do feel the analyst-speaker done a good-talk, not to give stock-pick ... but to be frank that he is 'unsure'. At current situation, markets are digesting Trump's victory with contrasting manners ... those yelling crash for equities and USD to dive would be exaggerating(perhaps done on purpose to sway the biases in masses).

Anyway ... with many pointers, let me show the list of the stocks listed by RHB as potential election plays.

1. Affin
2. Axiata
3. Boustead Plantations
4. Bumi Armada
5. Cahya Mata Swak
7. Datasonic
8. Destini
9. DRB-Hicom
10. E&O
11. E-force
12. Felda Global Ventures
13. Genting
14. Genting Malaysia
15. Goodway
16. Malaysia Airport
17. Maxis
18. Media Prima
19. MISC
20. MRCB
21. Myeg
22. Petronas Chemical
23. Petra Energy
24. Petron Malaysia
25. Petronas Gas
26. Prestariang
28. Sapura Kencana
29. Sime Darby
30. SPSetia
31. Star group
32. Tadmax
33. Tenaga
34. Time dotCom
35. UEM Edgenta
36. UEM Sunrise
37. Yinson Holdings
38.YTL Corporation

There are 38 counters listed above. Which one would be your choice(s)?

Affin : shot up to hit resistance, bad candle last Friday and still trapped in the range of RM2.10-RM2.30 level.

There .. the bigger picture of the depressing price of Affin ... and banking-stocks in general (except PBBank la, my uncle Teh's company).

BPlant ... I have shown in previous post as I m going to take pending breakout. Wonder why BPlant in the list but not BStead the mommy ... or BHIC? Why ar? Wanted to ask the analyst but he said these counters were collectively from his colleagues and he is not checking on them. He kinda likes 'Datasonic' as he mentioned it few times (giving hint or tips? haha). Ok ok ... check DSonic at RM1.20 support level. Sell RM1.60 resistance.

As for AK's counters ... forget about Armada, who is still stuck in deep coma ... dip inside the overflowing crude-oil. Crude oil prices down below USD50 again. So .. Maxis is more attractive .. back to RM5.73 support level.

Maxis buying region would be around RM5.50... so, another 3 black candles down would be me excited to buy Maxis (again). I bought below RM5.50 all the way down previously, remember? Easier said than done ... later they talk about spectrum ... etc etc again? Perhaps ... for Bersih5, we should be looking at Digi the yellow-man instead?

While I have shown many times about DRBHcom and FGV, no need to show again here.

Tenaga ... dived in the morning, brought KLCI down ... but funds back to support. Nice long tail there ... time to rebound? Support at RM14.73 ... I saw it down but no intention to catch her. Tenaga is a BUY to me ...and yes, they will support KLCI, btw(in case those crash-kaki coming out yelling crash in KLSE again. Not me leh ... I m bullish in 2016).

SIME ... I would prefer SIME if I have to choose between SIME vs TENAGA. SIME in news ... if they are to list their plantation-arm (speculation on this news been ages ago), that would be great. O&G, Property, Auto ... all sectors not doing good. So ... split them and investors could focus in the plantation-sector which made-up their main profits, anyway.

Genting (and wa) would be good for trading but I missed Genting low recently and have to wait again.

For trading stocks, besides DSonic ... MyEg is worth to trade.... go up and down. DRB, MRCB, UEMS ... those around RM1 plus. I would recommend to check on Airport, Presbhd and gang too.

Airport ... kasi tax kita kau-kau ... quality lacking. Monopoly punya biz ... sure win also dont know how to win money. Kasi pergi Istanbul (as Liverpool won there ... so, I strongly believe whoever made that decision is a die-hard Liverpool's supporter) airport buat apa? Focus kat Malaysia la ...

Will have e-meeting with members tmr night to talk about all the counters here. Needing to read and do some homework today. As market diving, I m always busier ... been relaxing and lepaking for 2-3 months ... waiting for NOW. haha.

Have nice week ahead as we hope market would go lower.


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