Monday, November 14, 2016

KLCI : Bearish day

Monday morning ... this morning is a surprise to see five new e-mail came it (seldom I will have one in a day!) to ask about their stocks ... and a check, they are in depressing 52-week low. So ... yes, I wrote about it (as I m reading this new 52-week low book).

KNM : A popular stock which I do not like ... no fundamentals to talk about and also in O&G sector which not much correlation with crude-oil prices. Even crude-oil price to receover, this stock price may not ... going into new low now ... it is a difficult call to 'cut-loss' but technically, broken support 40cents is ... cut-loss.

9.10 am : KLCI down 10points as DOW futures up further to break 18900 now.

9.30am : KLCI down 15 points now ...

KLCI going to support 1615 now ... time to BUY la ... waiting for sales? BERSIH-5 might create some fears around.

7.50pm : KLCI down and closed at 1616.64

There .. at support. So, I started to BUY.  Next support to watch would be at 1600 ... buying second level.

Meeting 9.30pm tonight with my group would be very interesting. Tired. need to rest.

Stay positive in bearish market.


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