Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Going into penny-world

DRBHcom : reported losses ... again.

Evergreen : Strong USD vs MYR no longer helping to support the price?

Gadang : after ex ... now back to penny-world. The reason for split/bonus issue is to make it 'looks' cheap ... as that would attract retailers who like to buy cheaper stocks and to increase liquidity.

Mycron : Diving 15% at the moment ... after selldown of Melewar ... Masteel. Steel is melting.

TekSeng : No more solar-power to shine? Dropping further to hit 65cents low this morning.

There are few more trading around RM1 ... waiting to dive into penny-world (again). I do wonder if FGV would be a penny-stock  ... one day. AnnJoo and gang will be penny again ... while many O&G becoming penny already ...

Here is Dayang ... the penny.

Do you think Naim will be penny soon? Trading at RM1.30- 1.40 level.

I do remember I have welcomed Parkson into penny-world when it broken the critical RM1 level.

Many more ... most won't recover but moving lower. Eatech and Mudajaya continue to dive ... way below RM1.

Take care of the down side.


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