Saturday, November 05, 2016

Fong Si-Ling's : Penny stocks

Fong Si-Ling is a very popular as a FA-sifu and most of his stock-picks are into good companies. If we are 'lazy' to know which stocks we need to focus, we could check his sharing.

Today, he gave some 30 stocks to watch ... above RM3, RM1 to RM3 and below RM1. Guess many retailers would check into those penny-stocks.

MMSV : Support at 55cents.

Opensys : Buy at support 30cents.

RGB : Breakout of 20 cents and overbought. Will not chase but to have for retracement.

These are his books ... but as they are in Chinese, unfortunately ... I could not read. Highly recommended.

Will check on all the stocks and take trades on them with my trading group. Join me for Nov/Dec. contact me (

Time to watch football. Night.


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Edmund said...

I have read one of the two books by coldeye and realise some of the mistaken in the pass in stock investment. May be these books should be translated into english version for some other readers.