Wednesday, November 02, 2016

DOW is breaking 18000?

8.15am : DOW hit 18000 level now ... as I m watching it to break (short).

11.05 am : DOW broken 18000 ... short in FKLI.

FGV : Diving further ... below RM1.90 at the moment. So ... no more eagle-news to spread? No more under-valued or election play ar?

A check on Presbhd ... from bottom Rm1.70 to current RM2.30 ... good leh but I hv not monitored Prestariang for some time now ...

As I have recorded here that I shorted PBBank and AirAsia ... I m going to initiate a short on AnnJoo.

AnnJoo is trading at RM2.12 now. So ... I shall short 10k units = RM 21,200 for level one. Next short would be at RM2.50 (make it 20k lots there).

Will put up in my "pages" which I DID NOT utilise .. sorry for those clicking on those pages but mostly blank and not updated. I have took a little effort to remove them. haha. Then ... I m going to put my 'shorts' there ... for easy reference.

11.30am now ... finished my coffee .... time to jalan-jalan and lepak.

Have a nice time ... watching KLCI to go lower. Will only get excited if KLCI below 1620.


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