Wednesday, November 16, 2016

DOW at new high

DOW daily chart AFTER Trump won ... we do remember we read about markets going to dive due if Trump wins ... and he did. Markets went other way ... as always.

Then ... they said USD will dive ... but USD Index hit 100 level again that day.

And CPO went wild due to 1USD = MYR4.73 for a short moment ... then at MYR4.50 ... before logic seeped in. MYR still at high of MYR4. 30 level plus ... and some analyst MUST come out to give us the report ... or their prediction of MYR4.80. Reading these analysts report would tend to drag us into ... being biased. I believe it it done deliberately ...

Dorab Mistry ... a mystery guy who has predicted CPO prices for years ... and 70-80% of the time he got it TOTALLY wrong ... yet, they still interviewed him. Heck ... just go opposite him, we should be more right than wrong. He recently predicted FCPO to dive to 2200 by year end due to whatever reasons ... so, CPO obviously going against him and hit 3000 level briefly, instead. SHORT FCPO from here now?

Besides analysts to provide us with their expert advices, we have bloggers (count me out, I dont know what is going up or down, IF ony I knew ... I would buy only ONE and sailang! Yeah ... f-it)

Bloggers and some of them working with runners/operators promoting some stocks as if it is a sure to run ... then of coz we put there "trade at your own risk" ... someone created TAYOR, cleverly. Haha ... these forummers and bloggers are amazingly creative, at times. I find them amusing to read as they are creative than me ... yet another blogger. But but ... I m kinda 'lost' in my own world ... ignoring others, including readers.

So ... the more we read ... the more confuse we could be. haha


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