Sunday, November 27, 2016

Book Sharing : Information Overload

Book Sharing : Five common mistakes investors make

Time : 10pm to 11pm tonight (Sunday)

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FGV : A long-black seen ... dropped about 18% in a week. Next checking is RM1.30 level this week. Do not catch a knife.

FGV : From RM4.30 peak ... are we going to see RM1 soon?

HWGB : This is terrible ... nothing to do with Genting but many punters inside. I do remember Sept 2011, it was gorenged around 40cents level and I have argued with SP ... one of my first tratles (of cohort 1) ... as I strongly advised him not to take such trades ... if one does not know how to cut-loss, it is game over ... a slow death now.

MudaJaya : This is not muda ... and not so jaya, either. The stock dropped from RM2.90 level to current 82cents. Actually, I traded MudaJaya around RM4 plus before ... so, need to check its 10-yr chart to see the high ... low is going lower as support broken now.

Here ... zoom in the MudaJaya chart ... showing the black candle.

Perisai : A total loss ... from RM1.70 and now goreng-ed once in a while before it disappear from our KLSE.

SMRT : Back to back and earth .. below 20cents now. The story of it listing in main-board .. pushed it up from 20cents to above 90cents ... and once such stories no longer valid, it is back to reality.

XOX ... do I need to say more?

As many in low ... and going lower, it is only LOGICAL to place a CUT LOSS level for all our trades. Yes? No?

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