Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saturday Blah-blah

There are many things about this blog that I like ... and feel comfortable about. It is also a cyber-space for my thoughts ... and I want it that way. haha.

Post some songs related to the lines I m writing ... or songs in my mind. None in my mind at the moment ... thinking of vs MU game ... how important for them to win.

What was interesting to write about? Hmm ... Perisai? Oh yes, GOLD ... gold dived below USD1300 ... and trading around 1250 level now. Why is gold diving?

Mind too clustered with events and things ... couldnt find a space to slow-it-down. The shifting of the office was over and needed to hand-in the keys. Needing to sign S&P for my apartment ... exams next week (so been busy like crazy over the weeks) ... finally many things planned half-way done.

By end OCT ... slowly things will be in place. By end Dec, I m ready to start new year with many new resolutions (needing to continue to prepare for crash).

Phew ... hard to get the thoughts out as crumbled. Nervous too ... with KLSE so boring at the moment ... my instinct telling me of the correction "on-the-way" which in Sept we only saw 40-50 points pullback ...

Let's us talk about MOTIVASI.

His pointers are very good, actually. You do not need to have PhD or to pay thousands for these ... it needs to be inside US. We do our own decisions ...

Current SUASANA came from TINDAKAN. If you are in debt ... it is YOUR PROBLEM. You didnt take a KEPUTUSAN to take TINDAKAN ... akibatnya, we are in that SUASANA.

So ... I do say ... he is right. I do listen to many motivators such as Tony Robbins ... Robin Sharma.

EGO and SOMBONG ... in the person would halt their learning. KEPUTUSAN --- fast action, fast result.

KEPUTUSAN came from KEINGINAN (desire). He is right here .... in my case. I have desire to change my dire financial-situation some 10years ago ... I have the strong KEINGINAN to set myself free ... so, i took the KEPUTUSAN to learn about financial ... and massive TINDAKAN to see that I m going into THAT SUASANA.

Which bring us to ... MINDA ... MINDSET is most important.

He said was from Chinese-school for 12 years. And I wanted to correct him here ... in the first 15minutes of every classes ... TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOL do not tell students about 'tiada subsidi". It is not right to create stories and telling to the crowd. Many speakers might want to exaggarate ... but should not lie.

I am not from the Chinese school ... I m banana. haha.

Anyway ... he is right to say .... it is MINDSET. Unless you change your MINDSET, nothing could be accomplished.

With that ... I m going for a jog. Haha.


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