Sunday, October 02, 2016

Property : High-end

I went to Subang Parade ... talked to a sales-person regarding the ARTE projects, selling for around 900plus/sqft.

The design is impressive. Very exclusive.

According to the sales-person, it is time to BUY property due to the 'depressing' time. She was right to say ... buying during economy-downturn but I told her that we are not turning down YET. With more property unsold, they are giving lots of perks. We do not need to pay the 10% down-payment!! Great !! Completion around 2019, will there be over supply by then?

Once a while, I will check on properties ... in expo or exihibitions. It will give us roughly how is property market at the current moment.

It is my opinion that it is not time to buy ... but if we are holding to some properties, selling would be good.


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