Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pre-budget day : restless

10.50am : Heard the third debate ... still same issues and personal-attacks. Nothing much. KLCI flat and nothing much there, either ... awaiting budget-day. Some speculating on the increase in GST?

Recently, someone from comparehero contacted me ... it took me a month to post up the article they wanted to share.  It is a good money-site (similar to imoney/ringgitplus) which I do read some articles share from there.

I was given 2-3 articles to choose from ... so, i chosen some pointers they shared about what we could do to survive our falling MYR.

Since I m doing nothing much (in trading), I m reading more to increase my knowledge and reminding myself (revision for exams) some materials

checking these clips ... interesting.

another interesting clip ... giving us some tips to do things 'right'. haha.

Time to jalan-jalan ...


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