Sunday, October 09, 2016

List of condos in USJ1

USJ One Avenue : This is the first condo I knew of when I shifted to USJ1 some 5 years ago ... it is the ONLY condo around as I was staying at Jati2 apartment, which is a stone-throw way. I would not buy here as it is nearby many 'low-end' flats. Petronas station situated exactly in-front of the gate.

For details of the units and prices, go to some of the property-sites such as :

Casa Subang : This is the second condo built in USJ1 area ... if I could remember well. It is near Mydin US1 and now, they have BRT-station near-by. It is more like a flat-apartment rather than condo, without balcony. In fact, our ex-neighbour (a foreign worker from Sri Lanka) staying there now and we visited them last year Raya-time(they are Muslims). Then ... we have opportunities to check those units there ... many foreigners staying there .... bangla and such. Many of them working in nearby Mydin, Giant and factories.

Impian Meridian : Then ... came this block on condos ... behind Summit/Segi-college ... more decent than Casa-Subang for staying.

USJ One Park : I went for the launching ... selling around RM300k back then as I was looking to buy a property around USJ1 ... it was out of my budget back then. Bank-loan wont be approved, anyway. So ... I look-see ... and like this one the best. I bought Jati2 (2011 ... sold 2016) instead.

The Regina : This is higher-end of those previous condos ... dont know why they build it besides a low-end apartment, in front of factories and a dirty-drain ... perhaps it is near the park. Yes, the park is the selling point ... but too steep the price, in my opinion.

YouOne : The latest completed units ... I do not see anyone staying there yet but many units for rent/sales. It is walking distance to Mydin-mall.

DaMen : Not complete yet ... the shopping mall is but kinda 'empty'. Hope more shops will be opening soon. Da-men is located near LRT-station and besides Summit(and Summit Hotel).

We have few more coming up ...

Empire-remix ... not completed.

The Edge ... near Angsana flats and factories.

From 2011 when I started to stay in USJ1 with only ONE condo around ... we have TEN condos by next year. I m still checking if there is any NEW lauching of condos? Crazy leh ...

In a short 5 years, we have so many BLOCKS of CONDOs ... I think you get the idea. We shall see in 1-2 years when all these completed and HOW they are going to sell/rent ... I am still checking on the AUCTION units and it is a matter of time, we shall see the increase in auction-properties.

How these would affect KLSE?

Leave it an open-end question for all to speculate. This post is to inform all about the number of condos projects in a short 5 yrs. It is over-heating now ... think about it.


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