Monday, October 03, 2016

Icapital and TTB

Monday ... but it is an OFF day. Today's topic is about TTB as he is being focused by FocusM.

With around 70% in cash-position ... I attended TTB's yearly talk in 2011 ... at that time, he was bearish in equities. I disagreed as I see market just recovering. Today ... he is still bearish in markets, increased his cash-position ... I do agree. It is 2016 ... ok, fair.

In 2009, cash-position was 10.51% ... that was great. In 2011, cash-position was at 34.92% level. By 2013, his cash position exceeded 50% ... and in 19th July 2016, his cash position stands at 69.73%.

TTB has been known as 'value investor' and he cited that their is nothing much to buy at the moment.

"As explained many times previously, the high cash level is a by-product of the fact that stock market has been richly valued. The KLCI is currently trading at PER of around 19times against the backdrop of declining corporate earnings : Tan says in the annual report"

This is what written ... and I posted to my group for discussion purposes.

These are stocks icap is holding, the huge paper-profit in Padini but Parkson (was from huge paper-profit) is in sorry-state. They are still sitting in huge paper-profits, overall.

I have been following TTB's stories and his investment strategies as I want to learn from our proclaimed Malaysia's WB. Tho I disagreed in many of his pointers ... he is still one of the best around, managing huge funds. It would be a great pleasure if I could allow to 'interview' him. And if I m able to work under his guidance, I will definitely learnt a lot about investing.

I do highly respect TTB and his team. Yes ... one day, when market crashing ... he will be the last to laugh ... as his critics sound louder now as market moving higher.

We shall see ... from the bullish vs bearish camp. I will maintain my 50% in cash position, increase that to 70% by next year.

time to move again.


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You shud send in ur work placement application if you are serious. No point 'wishing / hoping'.