Friday, September 30, 2016

Win by not losing : Be emotionless

Excerpt : By being open-minded about why stocks move, you will not become too emotionally tied to a stock or the market. The world does not necessarily follow the script found in the textbook.
As I have an e-meeting last night ... first one on the book I m reading "Win by not losing", I took the time to re-read to all ... a chapter.
Yes ... I chosen the topic on BRAIN. Financial Behaviour ... an important aspect to understand WHY majority retailers lose money and will continue to lose money, unless they realise that and changed thier mindset ... to learn further. Win by not losing is stating on how we could think of RISK and "escape" crashes ... by being discipline too.

To ask a person to SELL ... to cut-loss, it is against the norm. Some will ride it ALL the way down, only to sell at the bottom due to immense emotional pain. Also being mentioned was WHY many would be selling at market bottom ... besides the unbearable pain(capitulation) ... is ... wait, I find the excerpt to post it here.

There ... I took a picture and sent to my facebook. Then, I saved it my laptop .. and upload it here. Yes ... I m sincere to share. Do read, then.

During financial crisis, many would sell their stocks and unit-trust. They would try to borrow and use their credit-cards(and paying minimum by end of month). Debt will swell ... I should know as I was there in 2005 to 2009. But, luckily I was not in stocks yet also the capital I invested during 2008 was 'small' (relatively, it was huge to me at that time).

Ok ... time to go ... for classes and tonight, having a meeting. A loooong day for me and a looong weekend too.

Have a nice weekend, anyway.


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